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Plug & Go Remote Access Solution


Designed for stand-alone BMS or virtually any IP based system where contract-free remote access is required. A global first for Pay-As-You-Go remote access.


  • Full VPN access to your stand-alone site
  • Built-in DHCP Server with capacity for 3 concurrent connections.
  • No setup required - IP addressing is pre-configured and dispatched to your requirements
  • Global first in PAYG Plug-and-Go solution
  • No Monthly contracts
  • No Excessive penalty costs
  • Easy site management - Remotely use same software tools when directly connected
  • Auto reset funtionallity
  • Colour - Black




  1. RASPI-GO-WEB:- Web Access via web-page URL i.e. routed to an internal IP address for example Web-Server address
  2. RASPI-GO-EMAIL:- Holding email dashboard with email forwarding function e.g.
  3. RASPI-GO-EMAIL-SMS:- Email forwarding to SMS service unlimited messaging (email needs to be purchased for this to operate)
  4. RASPI-GO-PORT:- Bespoke routing of ports – i.e. 963 remote site access external hostname to VCNC port routing
  5. RASPI-GO-MQTT:- MQTT Broker Machine to Machine M2M can communicate directly from the cloud (IOT protocol)
  6. RASPI-LO-MQTT:- MQTT Broker Machine to Machine M2M can communicate directly from your local network ONLY.




COLOUR:- Black

PROCESSOR: Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53 64-bit SoC @ 1.4GHz (Same as Raspberry Pi 3B+)


LAN: Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0 (maximum throughput 300Mbps)

LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, BLE

USB: 4 × USB 2.0 ports

STORAGE: 16GB SanDisk Mirco SD Card installed


SOUND: Internal board 3.5mm Headphone Jack (No Speakers are installed with this device)




Enclosure:- w95 x h40 x d66 (mm)


£380.00 Regular Price
£292.00Sale Price
Colour: black
  • Remote access to your stand-alone BMS building automation or in-fact almost any IP based network has never been easier - simply plug-and-go!

    Our breakthrough PAYG built in DHCP and VPN server allows software engineering tools to be used virtually from anywhere.

    What does that mean? Simply put software and graphics can be commissioned and tested remotely from the comfort of your office or home - stress free from all of the demands and deadlines while on site.

    Alternatively Bring added value to service contracts by offering a 12-Month remote support and assistance to your existing clients.

    With over 200+ units sold installed and running, we have every confidence this remarkable yet low-cost solution will be a valuable asset to your commissionning and servicing toolbox.

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